Welcome to the Purveyor, your local European-inspired access to wine on tap, charcuterie and fine desserts by Doré Bakery! Let us show you how we aim to promise the best for our guests through our mission of procure, taste, education and conserve.

Where did the idea of the Purveyor come from? The name comes from the idea that we will be providing our guests with products that we have extensive knowledge of, and that we are known to provide these products. The owner of our shop and the genius behind the operation, Michael LaValle, has been dreaming of opening a shop similar to the Purveyor for years, and believes that the Des Moines area is now ready for this type of retail shop. Charming French and Italian markets, where a variety of items are available for retail purchase, were behind the inspiration and vision of the Purveyor. 

Our products are of luxury quality, from local partners that set the standards of high-quality products in the Des Moines area. We are proud to connect locally, to help support our community. With our local roots, we are able to be more sustainable and eco-friendly by reducing food miles that cuts back on our dependence on fossil fuels. By utilizing our local partners, we can also promote accountability by better understanding how and where our products are being produced, and then passing this knowledge on to our guests.

We will be featuring locally produced charcuterie, local and California wine on tap, and the first retail space to showcase Doré Bakery fine desserts. As our menu changes seasonally, you can always expect to try something new and exciting! 

We believe our unique outlook and drive to share the unexpected is what makes our retail location the go-to destination for sophisticated shoppers. Sip, savor, and host with ease-explore, experience and share the unexpected!